Welcome to the UW Theme!

This WordPress theme is for anyone on a wisc.edu domain who wishes to use it. The UW Theme Lite is also available and works well for class blog sites and other small, simple WordPress sites.

Announcement: Refresh of UW Brand Fonts

Red Hat Text and Red Hat Display are replacing Verlag and Vitesse as the UW’s brand fonts. If your website or web application uses the Verlag or Vitesse web fonts, you or your web developer will need to replace them with Red Hat Display and Red Hat Text by June 30, 2023. For more information, see University Marketing’s detailed guidance on how to update the fonts on your website.

Note that if your WordPress website uses UW Theme or UW Theme Lite but is not hosted on WiscWeb, you will need to update to the new versions of the themes by June 30, 2023.